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Why should you join us? We know how hard the industry is to break into without portfolio work, this project is designed to give the members exposure to game development work and create a fun and intuitive game.

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Rampant Studio's are hiring (NON-PAID)

I developing a Survival game using NeoAxis, I currently have a single artist working with me. This would be an Indie project for non-commercial work, as such no payment can be made but full credit for your work will be given.

What do we need?

We are mainly after 3D artists so we can create content for the project, for instance general rubble, walls and characters. We are also looking for animators and riggers for the characters.

Who are we?

I was previously lead developer at a C# software firm and recently moved into the game industry, Anyone would be welcome to help out on the project and you would be included in the credits / team list.

Why join my team?

I'm experienced in management along with game development, this is my first large project however I worked commercially on several high-profile clients (Primark, Marks and Spencers) and developed frameworks in C#.

What makes us different?

The game isn't designed to be over ambitious, it's simply designed so we can get a basic game up-and-running and then once we have a decent team together we can start tackling bigger and better projects. The basic prototype of the game is finished, all that it needs is the atmospheric touch from 3D artwork and some great animation.
We have a small core team that will be constantly working each week for releases, however we plan getting outside help in artwork and animation so we can complete the project. All of the work submitted to us will be included in the project listing along with credits within the game.

What if I don't get any work?

Obviously if no work is submitted to us, you won't be included. However any help, suggestions, etc. will be noted and included in the credits. We even have positions for testers!

How can I apply?

The fastest way is to email with your portfolio and CV. However you can also sign up on our site - and post a message under introductions showing your interest. Please include a link to your portfolio and any details of previous work.

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