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We Need YOU ! do you want to help us on this mod ? Read ALL !

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---------------- ( We Need YOU ! ) -----------------

Sla Company need help, a lot of mod are in progress and we need some persons to help on our MODs.

What persons we need ?

- Maps Creators (we need 3 of those)

- Hamachi Managers (2)

- Tournament Managers (1)

- SHP Edit & Creator (1)

- VXL Edit & Creator (1)

- AI Editor (1)

- Testers (3)

What Those do ?

Maps Creator create Maps for SMY or other Sla Company Mods, the maps will be send to my e-mail , in the mail the title will be "Map Created - &#xMa;p Name% - &#xyo;ur nickname%" inside will be attached the map archived in .RAR or .ZIP, inside a little description of the map and (optional) a screenshoot of the map, the map need to be original created by you not copied from other sites (you need to know how to create maps !) - the maps ideea can be getit from other games like RA3 or Starcraft

Hamachi Managers are manage the hamachi networks, create a new network if a network is full, see who many persons are in server, filter the language , stop spams and stop send of ilegal contents if are (you need to know to use Hamachi)

Tournament Managers this person create Tournaments for all Hamachi Networks on Weekends and write those in the an article (the scores and nicknames) (you need to know to use Hamachi and use Observe on YR or RA2)

SHP Edit & Creator this person need to edit or create SHPs needed for SMY or other Sla Company MODs (you need to know who to use SHP Builder and know some graphics of RA2)

VXL Edit & Creator this person need to edit or create VXLs (HVAs) needed for SMY or other Sla Company MODs (you need to know who to use VXL Editor , create HVA and know 3D VXL graphics)

AI Editor this person need to know how to use the Ai Editor (is a software on internet), this person will edit the AI to know how to use the new units and tactics to be more improved AI

Testers those persons test SMY and report Bugs to SMY (the report of the bugs or unballance need to be detailed )

Who to hire on those ?

Comment down here with what you want to be and what you know to do, me i will hire on that you want if is space for you after i hire you here you need to be a member of Sla Company (go to Sla Company and apply to join, after this you are hired here , Thanks ! remember We Need You ! this campaign will be closed on the end of February ! be the first !


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