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In order for us to continue, we need your help to keep this mod going strong and healthy to make the races and their campaign possible, therefore we are now asking for your help

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As you know, we have a very shorthanded staff that is... well... small, and for modding reasons we need some SCAR coders and coders for the campaign. This will be a great help to the DoW IG BIA mod as the staff is approaching the last steps to making the mod's campaign. If you know about SCAR coding or someone that does, please contact us if you can, it won't hurt to talk to us about it...
You can cotact us through the site, which is:

Apart from the need for coders, we still have them contests going on. The same expectations to keep it clean and fun, but now you will get two models, a basic trooper and its sergeant of that respective race...
On another note, the mod is still strong and has managed to keep going and is now getting into its main phases of the campaign... what they are i do not know has i am a simple but still nonetheless moderator in the site... Again if you could contact us it would really speed things up and make this mod possible so many of you lot get those races and we can start the new wave of Imperial Guard regiments...

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