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Finaly here is the new version of Modern Times: World in Conflict V5.0.

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Hello everyone i hope you liked the last version of the mod and please if there is any bug don't forget to feedback

I worked hard on this mod and tried to put as many units as posible and i tried to be accurate on historical data of each nations the work wasn't easy but i think i did it with the help of many other modders .

united states of america uncle s

But i still need help :

1-I need the help of someone who can do script for the game for example to prevent the AI of creating police car/police officer/swat it's very weird to be attacked by those units instead of military units and the same script to deploy units from vehicule helo and ships.

2-Also I need the help of someone who can create 3d models for the game and someone who can skin them.

3-I need new Skins for units and new buildings if anyone have please share them :)

4-And any other help or idea will be appreciated.

And thank you very much for your support :)

Future Combat 01

Future Combat 02


I would like to bring more realism and unexpected to the game.

scripts that simulate industrial accidents, massive strikes, financial crisis, power cuts, storms, pandemic, famines ...

examples of scripts that I would like to see:

- the lifespan of humans (each human unit has a unique lifespan)
- the impact of injuries on the stats (an infantry unit with a weak health gauge loses speed..)
- sudden illnesses, domestic accidents

- each vehicle has its own amount of fuel and level of consumption
(I would like the same for ammunition)
- fuel consumption when moving vehicles
-without petroleum resources or if the petroleum stock is less than demand, all vehicles can't move)

- Sattelite technology can desactivate the fog of war every x minutes in a given area.

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what I'd like to see in the game:

new resource: electricity

new building:
Nuclear power plant: produces electricity

if building constructed:
allows the use of satellites
allows orders to be given to troops at a distance...
allows you to collect information from spies at a distance.

heal units with low hit points faster.
that all other care units

Biological Research Centre :
helps fight epidemics

Military Microbiology Research Centre :
creating biological weapons

New units :

General Supply Truck: Refuel, heal, but slower than specialty trucks.
Fuel truck: refuels more vehicles faster
Medical truck: treats nearby units faster and in greater numbers

Problems with the realism of the game to be corrected:
All helicopters return to their bases as planes do.
Firearms attacks cannot destroy buildings but only infantry with rocket launchers can damage them.
trees can be destroyed

New features :

massively increased offensive actions of the type: economic,
political, cultural, technological...

theft of technological patents: allows to quickly obtain a technology from an adversary
mode: cyber attack or via human action
corporate actions
corporate bribery

create sea storms of varying intensity:
can damage small vessels
slows down maritime trade and ships

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I'd like to see the logistical aspect of the game very strongly developed.

to make each unit produced as unique as possible,
simulate inequality
addition or reduction of stats from min 0.1 - max 5%.
some created citizens will have more living points than others.

simulate physical effort
during the movement of infantry troops

simulate the impact of lack of food
triggers protests or revolutions and can kill the president
decreases the health of the units

addition of modern company of heroes buildings
underground bunker
fences, barbed wire, sandbags
means of triangulation
gunner station
military base (health centre, fuel and ammunition depot, accommodation)

simulate the weight of the equipment on the speed of the troops

create transport routes manually

simulate human error and stupidity
sometimes the behaviour of units behave differently from the orders given

improve the scaling of buildings to the scale of the troops

simulate telecommunication networks
computer technology increases the speed of order execution

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