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Hello there. In this first news post, we will announce that ABEM's sensors are now in beta! Unfortunately, there's not a lot of people sensing it yet, and some help is needed.

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Several days ago, the beta version of 0.4.0 was released.

Containing the beginnings of a 'sensor system' to replace the 'You see up to a range of 1500 units or not at all' mantra of previous ABEM versions, it is not something that would just be released into the wild. Furthermore, it's extremely short on content.

So, I've put it up on the Steam Workshop as a separate addon here, hoping to get feedback on the existing parts of the system and suggestions on how to proceed.


So far, there has been very little of anything. Aside from one player quickly finding a couple of exploits with Basic Sensors (which he proceeded to report via Steam chat), nothing has happened, and the beta is sitting on 20 computers, waiting to be finished.

More testers (or developers? Somebody has to teach that AI how to do stuff, after all :P) are desperately needed in order to finalize the system and throw 0.4.0 out of beta.

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