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SinaRun is getting a Level Editor and other cool things! Cool huh?

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Not too long ago I started working on a Level Editor for SinaRun! Since it was a highly requested feature I thought it would be interesting to offer it as early as possible in the development of the game. The editor will be available in the next update! (Along with a lot of other features that you guys will probably like)

It's not very complete yet but I'll add a lot of things before the release. Not shown on the screenshot because I hate making menus so I didn't make it yet but the editor currently allow you to move, rotate and scale objects, create any objects from the game (Cube, Hexagon, Random Pillar, End Door etc etc etc), change ambiance settings (Skybox, ambient lights etc etc). And obviously playtest the map.

I still need to do : The UI, Particles settings, Save&Load; (Also Easy Sharing) and of course general polishing. I think you guys can guess where I'm going but Workshop support is of course planned. :)

Thanks for reading. See you soon for more news I guess. As always follow me on Twitter if want to follow the development of the game. I still post news here though :)

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