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We are currently hoping to find new, talented members to our team.

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We are recruiting!

We were at Dreamy Folk are looking to expand our team working on the Silmarillion project so that we can really get moving on the project. There are several prerequisites for anyone wishing to join the team:
1. That you are willing to work in a diverse team, share your ideas, and accept criticism (we only mean well).
2. That you are familiar with the works of Tolkien (of course, we don't expect you to be Tolkien scholars, but having read the Silmarillion would be beneficial).

Concept Artists:
We have a clear vision in mind for our interpretation of Beleriand. As influential as the films are to the world of Tolkien, we feel that we have the opportunity to create something that is both familiar and unique, something new. Drawing from Tolkien's vivid descriptions and his inspirations, great Tolkien artists, and historical cultures, we hope to create a style that is all our own that feels perfect for Tolkien's world.

If you want to help us bring the world of the First Age of Middle Earth to life, to gain valuable experience of working in a creative team, or even if you just want to hone your drawing skills, follow the Discord link below and say hi!

Tolkien is renowned for his lore that is both as wide and as deep as an ocean, and doing justice to his incredible imagination is no mean feat. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories, both great and small, just waiting to be told, and they will all contribute to making to making Beleriand feel like a living world, full of interesting characters. The Silmarillion is famous for its epic scope and sweeping narrative, and we want to capture that same feeling, but we also want to tell smaller stories, stories about the little people caught up in the grand conflicts and schemes of the mighty warriors, kings, and Valar.

If you fancy creating characters and writing stories within the world of Middle Earth, writing intricate and branching narratives with vibrant dialogue, and gaining experience of how to write for an interactive medium, follow the Discord link below and say hi!

If you aren't a native English speaker, don't be put off from applying. So long as you have a grasp of the English language, and good writing skills, we can create some truly great stories together.


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Aplications should be done in the discord channel I presume?? I'm not an english native but a good fan of Tolkien's works and some years ago got frustrated trying to write as he does (made it to write some stuff in spanish, that's my native language, but not that spectacular), I'd love to help with the writings, even criticing the conceptual arts made (I'd love to help more here but my drawing skills are not beyond poorly basic mapping), and to learn how to write better by working with the other writers.

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