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Check us out on Steam Greenlight and play our demo!

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Check us out on Steam Greenlight!

Please be sure to play the on-line demo at:

Game Story:
In ages past, 5 kingdoms ruled the know world. Each kingdom possessed a sacred relic given to the kings of old by the god themselves. The relics guided and protected their armies in battles. As time passed, younger kings desired to gain absolute power of the land and waged countless wars with each other. The gods were displeased with the reckless actions and greed each kingdom took part in, so they took back the relics, hid them in a large tower, and proclaimed: "Whomever is able to pass the challenges of this tower will become the ruler of all known land." Years passed. generations passed. No one, man woman, or child has been able to complete the challenges within the tower. This is the story of one such adventurer, Wing, and his Adventure in the Tower of Flight.

Throughout the tower coins, jewels, and other riches that can be spent in a shop. The doors that lead into a mysterious shop are scattered around the tower. The shop will contain items that could be useful to the player in the surrounding area.

There are 5 primary relics: Boots, Sword, Armor, Shield, and a Bow. Legend tells of a 6th relic of immense power and value at the very top of the tower...

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