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While progress is seemed slow,this does not mean it is not done.

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Real life matters along with University Exams and other projects I am currently working on have limited the available time in which I can further develop my mod. However,this does not mean that work is not being done. Seeing that the current is the most stable of all, I think it is viable that I continue to expand its features, always based upon your recommendations.

New flavor news articles.

Screenshot 2

As you can see in the image above,flavor events will fire up whenever you capture an important city/Victory Point,like London or Berlin. Country specific events for both Greece and Turkey have been made.

New Country:Cyprus

In order to spice-up the Greco-Britsih relationships,and add some historical plausibility,Cyprus starts as a British protectorate. To maintain compability with other mods,no history files are edited. Instead,the country itself is created through a hidden event at the start of each game. Depending on your choices,you can even reunite Cyprus with Greece,stay loyal to the British Empire or take command of the country itself on your hands!

hoi4 2

Further optimization of the mod National Trees:

As promised,more choices are added to both Greek and Turkish National Trees. However,a complete overhaul of the Turkish tree will follow the completion of the Greek Tree,which is one of the main targets for the next build. Of course,this does not mean it gets left behind.

hoi4 1

As Paradox has uploaded a Dev-Diary that decisions from HOI 3 are added along with more other new features, I think it is wise to wait so the new build can take advantage of them.

Have fun and thank everyone who in their own way support the mod. YOU ROCK!!!

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