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We are back and coming for you. Yes we are coming for you so FEAR.

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Well i've finally managed to get a "team", and I changed the full concept of the mod to a First Person Fighting game. The other mod "Mortal kombat shaolin monks", was going to be Third Person.

I finally got a modeller and texturer, the same person :D. He's great, we've been friends on steam for a while and just got to know that he was a modder like me, and we both live in the same city :D

He is and he IS the main modeller and texturer on the team.

So expect more of this mod and what is coming....

Now we Started a whole new concept about the game well not, It's the same Mortal Kombat we all love but FOR PC, and it's not on an emulator.

It currently has 1 model finished so far and it's Sub-Zero. I'm working on the character selection code. Currently is an in-game feature that let's you change classes in game. Like in everygame, you change class before you die, then you die and you are that new class. Just that simple.

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