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Description of the mod : This mod is a remake of the half-life opposing force chapter called : We Are Not Alone Tired of waiting for operations black-mesa? Play as Adrian Shephard again in your journey to catch gordon! Info : This mod first released on steam back in august 2022! After the release of crush depth i decided to improve this mod with a 1.5 update that released today! -

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-A complete remake of the full chapter using black-mesa assets
-First area has been restored to fit the original (spawning behind gordon)
-Instead of beeing 3 maps i put everything together into one (bm_of3a1)
-Hecu arms! (dosent replace or overwrite any bm file)
-Sprinting Gordon
-Dead Aliens bodies (Killed by gordon)
-Possibilties to go into the gordon portal and see what happen :')
-Exploding scientist tower
-Floating islands with jump pad
-Include map src files (vmfs) you can get them there by opening the vpk

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The biggest change of update 1.5 is that i restored the original spawn area, the player now spawn behind Gordon. I also rebalanced env_shake on the mod overall

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And the final change is that i restored the opfor music into the xen area. I added a manta scene and also a displacer gun easter egg!

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