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Top 50 Thank you everyone, we are now on #48 place It would not be possible without your support!

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We are want to tell you more about the game by answering on frequently asked questions:

  1. Dead Capitan is not scary enough, used as a screamer, predictable and cliché – We are going to rethink the concept and usage of Dead Capitan.
  2. Why the submarine is non-rustic and looks unattached? – On the bottom of the Black Sea water is lacking of oxygen so there is no live organism or fish and that’s why metal does not rust.
    Please see this link:
    Or watch the «Black Sea»(2014) movie with similar idea about skunked submarine.
  3. Why boat ain't flooded? – When the submarine was starting to sink half of the survived crew locked up and stay at the non-flooded part of the boat.

Hope we have answered on some of your questions. We are open to new ideas and suggestions pls stay in touch or write to us directly.

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