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Modders help! Does any one know how to make the descripted ammo loading mechanism in RA3 ?

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so this is how the most important ammo loading mechanism in Rivals work:

1. the amount of total and current ammo is displayed just like RA3 together with health bar.

2. there is a progress bar which shows how the loading progress is going. Basically it's a count down.

3. After the first shot at full ammo, the count down starts. You can continue to attack with rest of the ammo until they all run out. The countdown isn't affected by when you attack. Also, the countdown proceed where ever the unit is. No airport dock needed, the unit load itself anywhere.

4. Once the count down ends, it's ammo is immediately fully loaded, no matter how many you used before. The count down will start again upon your next attack.

The problem is, we have difficulty achieving that in RA3. Some say it requires LUA scripts, some say there are similar functions in CNC4 but will cause conflict with RA3 codes. This can cause failure in one of the most important feature in our mod. Does anyone have a clue? Any ideas or examples will be helpful!

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