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This will summarize the things that were changed for Cameo, the new version and most of its changes.

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Hello people, I am The Commando 315, the new update will come loaded with things, which have been previously shown on Discord, and which have gone unnoticed on ModDB

1- Solution and Polishing of old factions.

Cameo had certain factions with defects and errors, that which generated problems was solved,

Starcraft: had few units, or units that are not present in cameo, the flying AA have been added, and other smaller units, Starcraft probably continues to add more content, for now i add Science Vessel, Zerg Eggs, Valkirie, Corsair and Devourer.

Dune 2000 and Dune Universe:
We counted as much as the Dune 2000 purist and the Dune 2000 with mods, these modded versions of Dune 2000 had certain flaws and somewhat old amateur 3d models created by D4ny, they have been remodeled to better blend with the environment of Dune 2000 and it has been improved to the incomplete Tleilaxu faction.

2- New Factions!!!.

Warhammer 40k: new factions of good quality, because in previous versions there was only the imperial guard, but now this and other factions have been added and polished, for now we have the Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Orkz for now these will be the 40k factions , but will soon seek to add Chaos.

Dune 2: our RTS, ancestral, that game that looks like Simcity SNES but with sandworms and tanks, now you can play with these 3 factions and massively spam the most basic units possible, the best gaming experience

Shockwave GLA: is playable now, not too polished and overhauled, but new elements have been added and it is likely that the Shockwave style arsenal will be completed in the future, for now the cameo essentials have been included in this field. the 4 generals and the standard faction specialized in their own special area in cameo.

Casino Arts, Tiberian Lootboxes: Converting the Tiberian Alliances Assets into an RTS is a stupid idea, besides CNC3 already exists, but this far from being stupid is the idea was to start adding CNC3 little by little, along with CNC3 spinoffs, with the idea of creating something of variety in cameo, in Tiberian Alliances you can play with GDI and NOD, but also with the Forgotten, the factions are functional, but in the future there will be more changes when there is an exclusive CNC3 update.

3- Casino.

Oh no, we have become an evil company of android apps, or rather, we added a cameo casino that only serves to obtain random units, in exchange for the game money, this option is activated from the lobby.

4- Actibliz???.

An evil intergalactic empire, which uses previously known units make a presence, they are the Actibliz, they use Dark Reign and Starcraft technology, we do not know if the Xel Naga get involved with them, but what they will do is establish their corrupt government in the cameo universe and remove warcraft 3 from stores and bring in its evil leader rubert to do questionable things with the galaxy


Cool, looking forward to a new update!

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Looking forward to it.

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Really,what about the fire emblem factions??
(better please be reminded anything)..

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