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Yes, I'm serious. The project is back for good !!!

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Okay, first of all I imagine that many of you are nervous about canceling the project and I imagine you want to stone me for resolving the issue back, but I will cite the reasons for the cancellation.

The first reason was the total loss of textures at that time, understand, this project had as purpose to retexturize EVERY TEXTURE of the game, that is, a project of general improvement, not only with overlays of textures, but the most relevant at least made of ZERO, from the beginning. Imagine losing size all at once?

And you say to me: "Ahh Renan, but why did not you back up the data? Why you not put something in the cloud?"

My dear, at the time it was complicated with the internet plan I had, I live in Brazil, basically I am exploited by abusive accounts and taxes every day.

Currently my financial situation has improved and yes, we now have an intense backup in the cloud, maybe I share a V1-Veryalphasorryfordelayimnotdukenukemforever pack.

I also want to point out that modders have LIFE out of internet, moddb, texture things and etc, I have college, I have work, I have girlfriend, family, etc. This consumes time for big projects like this, even more I being the ONLY one in this team, like a one man army, at the time the situation was complicated and I could not dedicate myself to this, I had to cancel YES. It was more correct to do that to leave the mod forever on hold.

Yes, currently I still continue with college (who is in the area of information technology must always continue studying), I still have a girlfriend and I have a job that demands my attention a thousand times more, because as I say, I live in Brazil, here we fights to survive everyday.

But with some free time I can texturize some stuff, since my texture skill and "gambiarra" skill has become increasing in recent years.

"Ok Renan, but why? Why I came back after all these years?"
Because the Remaster made by Ubisoft (porcally done by the way) made me want to act again and show how a good texture is made for ACII is made. Therefore. WE ARE BACK (Or, I AM BACK, I don't know hehe)!

Ps .: If someone is willing to help, send me a sample of texture made and ingame screenshot for evaluation.


Thats a good news! :)

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it's good news, I came back to AC2 and I thought "**** needs a new texture with a normal map" I practice texture editing by and for myself on gta ... if I can help from time to time I would do it

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can i help?

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