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I want to talk about what is coming up in the new year for Spyrex and what you can be expecting in the near future

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Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.
Development will restart any day now but I have discontinued the version you guys all have, so please delete them. Please note this is because we will soon be grabbing ourselves a Gold Server which allows us to further add new features and the like.

So my next update will be released in a week or 2. But however I can confirm what will/may be added...

We are moving away from the Alpha Phase and moving on to Beta testing. This is not your traditional nearly finished Beta. We may move on to Gamma or even Delta before we are finished, but I am marking the next step. A new year means a new beginning.

So, I am proud to announce:

Update Beta 1
New soundtrack... (I have decided the songs I have made are bad... So until we get some results from the music team, I will be adding songs from various other games, this is temporary but I would still like feedback so I know what genre people think suit the game.

Character Creator Tweaks (Bug fixes ect)

(Hopefully) Gold Server allowing us to make more stuff in the game

Let's hope this is a good year for us!

Spyrex Head Developer

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