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After much deliberation, I have managed to get the Zone of Alienation mod back onto Moddb.

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Zone of Alienation mod is back on moddb, I will promptly add downloads and media.

The mod is ready for release, but these are the things I plan to add during future development.

Some of these features I am working on, some of these features are still not dealt with.

-Changing the files under gameplay/character_desc.etc - This is done.
-Overhauling ammunition, essentially cloning every type of ammo in the game so that it spawns individual rounds on corpses, and boxes of ammo only in certain stashes, and found at traders. - About 40% done.
-Changing ammunition and empty magazine weight and description based on real world statistics, and adding a new algorithm in determining the weight of filled magazines. -Not even started.
-Fixing shotgun spread. -Done
-Fixing remaining weapon sounds. -Not done, but easy nonetheless.

That is the status report on the mod. I do make some of my descriptions far too terse, and I will attempt to elaborate better in the future.

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