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Yeah, we are back, maybe with new power. What happened in the last month?

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So in the last month I thought I give up but now I have started it again. But let's talk about what happened in the last month.
Most of my time was spent with Minecraft. There are a lot of new updates with cool things so I have played with it.
In the last week I talked with Botond and we have a lot of new ideas. I talked with Bulldog too. Maybe he will create an half-official website for us. It won't be .com or .org just something free.[for example: .atw. hu]
I have made the basics of smithing.
Botond have a very good idea: fishing spots.
There will be fishing spots around the river,lake. First time, it will have the blue team teleport effect from tf2.
I have fixed the half of the late bug. Inventory still has the problem but skills and xp of skills work maybe perfectly.

Don't worry, be happy :) [AND PATIENT, IS IT CLEAR? OKEY]

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