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"Pixel Miners" is now "Excavate"! Under this new name we bring major updates to the game, including a complete overhaul to the entire thing. With our staff active and our imaginations wild we are back and ready to tango.

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Some few summers ago I created this page in hopes of showing to the world that I could make my own game like Terraria. Of course by now that's failed miserably due to schooling, work, and overall laziness from myself. Dubbed "Pixel Miners" I aimed to make a game just like the others but with my own unique twist. From that I set my hopes and others' expectations way higher than I could deliver at the time. The result? A few page views a day for what was turning into a dying project. My longest hiatus from the game was over 9 months of inactivity. Someone had a baby in the time it took for me to get off my butt.

Now, under the name "Excavate", my team and I are moving forward after a major stride for our co-programmer Bluelogic. Bluelogic was able to completely overhaul most of our engine. He was able to get our tiling, world generation systems, and inventory systems online and working unlike before and with that we now have a working game...for the most part! There's still a lot to be added and bugs to be fixed (Trees aren't supposed to grow in the air or inside rocks) but we are further than we've ever been. The best part? We've ditched the outdated XNA framework and have started using the more popular and trendy MonoGame; which essentially makes development a bit easier and a lot cleaner.

Below is a short video describing our latest stride. Please mind the quality as Sony Vegas doesn't corporate at one in the morning.

That's all for now. Make sure to stay tuned for more info! Also make sure to check back often as we'll be updating constantly with fresh new images, music, and other content.

Have a super day!
~Hamilton (Oraki)

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