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This is our first release, both to help development(Thanks to the many willing participants), and show a bit of what we have so far! I could not show everything, as much of the game still isn't ready/isn't available until farther on in the game.

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The first alpha was released today, and includes the first 7 scenes, the first version of the battle engine, and the beginning of many other features of the game. I am working to distinguish "WotM" from other games with a unique battle system, story line, and feel created by the visuals, music, and game-play.

quest screenmenu

If you have already been added to the list, you can get the Alpha release by going here:

Steam download

(note that ONLY those currently on the list can see the game,

it will be visible to you on that page if you are added)

Interested in helping to test the game and seeing it grow?

Message me! I would be happy to add you to the list, but just make sure you are willing to provide constructive feedback, or you will be taken off of the list.

battle1 formatted

Upcoming features:

  • An Improved Battle Engine
  • Expanded decision tree
  • Improved dialog & events
  • An introduction to the main character and the battle system
  • Unique battle music
  • and many more!
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Sorry, I believe it was archived because of the bad link. Fixed!

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