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Looking for some feedback! Please download the game and try it out!

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Download link:

For feedback, either leave the comment here or you can mail me at

We would love to get some feedback on the game. Especially in regards to your general impressions of the game. Suggestions and criticism on the art assets or simply anything that is integrated in the game are more than welcome as well!

The game, I believe is generally playable although there are some bugs here and there. Currently, the skill customization and purchase UI is undergoing an overhaul but I'm sure that won't affect the gameplay so much at this point.

Current features:

- Combo oriented gameplay
- 4 playable levels-Endless mode (fight forever, see how long you last, etc)
- 10 different equippable special skills with 4 runes that alter the skill effect for each skill.
- 1 Active background with different effects depending on how well you do
- 3 levels with alpha state of comic style story telling
- Gold and skill purchase system (extremely buggy)

Some things to keep in mind:

1. This game is made to be played in 1280 x 768 full screen on "good" quality setting at the moment.
2. Button configuration and some stuff in the unity menu generally are not recommended to be changed because the settings are still WIP.
3. If any of the boxes except skip comics are checked in the in game options, please uncheck them as they are still unstable.
4. Our skill purchase system can be buggy at times, sometimes giving you skills you already have. To make up for this, we have included a CHEAT which you guys can exploit. There are buttons in the main dojo menu with skill names on them, click them until they are at 7 to unlock the skill plus all runes for it.

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