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We have some major updates coming your way regarding Supremacy. Keep your eyes peeled.

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First off I would like to say

Thank you, to the people who have watched us from the very beginning. We are gearing up for some major updates regarding Supremacy over the next couple of weeks we will reveal various tidbits of story and things that you may expect from the game.

Once again, Thank you from all of us at Stoneage Digital.

I can say this however!

We have switched over to the Unity 3d engine over the UDK as many of you have noticed. We found that we can do more with a open world game on this engine than any other engine. Also we are planning and developing a open world MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Game). Just to get this clear we do NOT plan to be a WoW killer or any kind of Game killer. But we promise you this ain't going to be your daddy's MMORPG.

For all of you naysayers about MMORPGs and small teams developing them please take a look at this tech demo that was performed with Unity 3d.

This prototype game was made by Unity with 2 Artists and one Coder. Very basic, yes. But we are not aiming for basic. We are aiming for epic.

We STILL have positions Available

Please note that all positions are unpaid. If you want to join you must show your Portfolio. We can certainly provide a good mark on your resume.
We are looking for:

  • C# Programmers: with a good understanding of the language.
  • Animators: with the skills to Animate and Rig Models as well as skin them.
  • 3d Modelers: We welcome any proficient 3d modelers.
  • Composer: We are in need of a Composer to provide an AAA Quality Soundtrack.
  • Unity Mappers: We need a one additional Unity Mapper to get this project moving at a steady pace.

Once again we thank you for your support and Continued support.
-Stone Age Digital Team

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