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Meet The Law: How do you get away from the Cops? What effect do crimes have on the economy? Can you get immunity for certain crimes? Find out here! Voxel Turf is an urban sandbox. Build cities and live in them!

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The CDF (Citizens Defence Force)

cdf row

After the collapse of effective government in the Voxel Turf world, various groups are vying for power. There are the bandits hiding in thier hovels, there are other factions establisihing bases and claiming territory, and then there are the CDF. The CDF have the most air of legitimacy. They have uniforms, fancy stars and fancy cars. The problem? They are utterly incompetent at fighting crime. They don't fight the bandits – infact they just run away if fired upon!

They will however mob the player over minor provocations. But don't worry - if you follow the following advice they won't be problem!

Video Guide

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Getting Rid of The CDF

cdf icons guide

If you look just under the Notoriety bar you'll see up to 3 icons – an Eye, a Diamond and a Stopwatch. These icons tell you what you need to do to get rid of the CDF

  • The Eye means that the CDF can see you – you need to hide.
  • The Diamond means the CDF know where you are, what building you are in – you need to move. The diamond will also be lit if you are less than 64m from the original crime location
  • The timer means that you have been seen recently – you need to wait.

Escape Strategies

At low notoriety levels just hiding in a nearby building works well. Be prepared to jump fences!
Flying away when at notoriety levels 1-3 works very will too. If you go to a Helifield or a Hospital you can steal a helicopter. After 4 stars you will need to shoot down CDF helicopters that chase you
Driving away to the country works too – CDF spawn in the city after all. If you drive them out to the sticks you can take care of them behind a tree and noone will be the wiser...
Hiding in the hills works very well too

Base Defence

Remember this is a building game too! If you have notoriety hired goons in your bases will shoot at them. You can create a death trap for the CDF. Also there's nothing stopping you from making drawbridges, etc to stop them!

Notoriety Levels

You probably already have a clue on how this works ;) - You do naughty things, you get stars. The more stars you get the more the game throws at you. Here are the specifics for this game:

  • At 1 star, some CDF cars will be dispatched to chase you.
  • At 2 stars all CDF cars nearby will converge on your position. The CDF will start to spawn road blocks.
  • At 3 stars the CDF will shoot you on sight. In addition the CDF will spawn SWAT-like armoured road blocks.
  • At 4 stars the CDF will dispatch helicopters to follow you. You will need to shoot them down to get free – that is unless you've made a large underground network of tunnels to hide in.
  • At 5 stars the CDF will dispatch tanks. Tanks are especially vicious – they will shoot paths through buildings to get to you.

In addition each star will increase the spawn rate for CDF vehicles is increased.

Immunity To Crimes

cdf immunity
Above: Being next to a Player Base, Bandit Base (pictured) or
having the "CDF Connections" perk will give you the crime immunity shield

The shield icon means you have limited immunity to some crimes. This is more of a Quality of Life feature as having to deal with the CDF every time you shoot at a Bandit Base is a pain ;). You get this limited immunity if:

  • You are in a lot adjacent to any Bandit Base or Player Base
  • You have the perk “CDF Connections” and are in the range of an owned Player base.

This immunity gives you immunity to the following crimes

  • Vehicular Assault against civilians (crashing your car into someone)
  • Reckless weapon discharge (firing a gun)
  • Carjacking against civilians

Also note that this does NOT give you immunity to more serious crimes (such as Murder) or any crimes committed against the CDF (such as Carjacking a CDF Patrol Car).

List of Crimes

Listed below are crimes you can commit and the stars they give when you have none.

  • Reckless Weapon Discharge: When the CDF spots you shooting your gun. Gives 1 star.
  • Murder and CDF Murder: When you kill a civilian or CDF. Gives 1-2 stars.
  • Carjacking and CDF Carjacking: When you steal a vehicle from a bot. Gives 1-2 stars.
  • Vehicular Assault and CDF Vehicular Assault: When you hit a civilian or a vehicle with your vehicle while moving at high speed. Gives 1-2 stars.
  • Trespass: Gained when breaking into the storeroom of some buildings.
  • Bank Vault Bust: Gained when breaking into a bank vault. Gives 3 stars.
  • Armour Attack: When you use a tank to attack something. Gives 3 stars.

Committing crimes when you already have notoriety increases your notoriety further, with the more notorious crimes increasing it by more. You can use the cheat /notoriety (num) to set your notoriety.

Effect on Safety Rating

cdf safety
Above: A lot has had its safety rating reduced,
causing its population to move out, thereby removing its income

Committing crimes has a lasting effect on the economy. The amount of Safety Rating that is reduced in nearby lots is roughly proportional to the notoriety gain. This will cause a lasting effect on the rental income for buildings nearby - you can use this to undermine the economy of rivals.

Some exceptions are Reckless Weapon Discharge and Vehicular Assault, which do not any Safety Rating effects.

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