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If you ever wondered how to design a spaceship from scratch, now is your chance to find out.

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Hey, folks!

This dev diary is a little different from the ones released so far. How so?

It's a video! Yaaay. Words are boring anyway.

In this first installment of our new and exciting blog format (aka me messing around in Premiere for a few hours), I'm going to design and draw a spaceship from scratch. You'll get to witness first-hand the creation of a spaceship for the Deprived faction. We'll start with a rough sketch and end up with a more or less fleshed out artwork that our 3D artist can use as a reference.

Atlantes spaceship - WIP

I think It's the largest vessel the Deprived faction has so far! Recording this process with a smaller ship would've worked better for the purposes of the video, but this post was long overdue, so I just went with it.

Any ideas or suggestions about the chosen style/aesthetic? Share your thoughts and ideas with us! You can do that by leaving a comment here or posting on our forums ;)

- D.Van out!


Just curious, why did you skip from basic modelling straight to the almost finished product? I mean, i don't know anything about this game or whatnot, but personally I love seeing the entire process (albeit sped up a bit).

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RonixRising Author

Hey drjd24,

Our artist, D.van wanted to keep the footage under 5 min (as these kind of videos tend to drag on, at times). What ended up happening is that he basically had to cut stuff out.

We've spoken about this with the rest of the team and next time, D.van will try to capture all of the footage ;)

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Is the model is going to get baked down to a low poly ingame model?

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