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Twice every week a live stream from Baby Duka game studio in Copenhagen will document the development of a brand new and exciting 2D platformer creation tool aimed at creative souls, platformer experts and speedrunners!

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Here at Baby Duka we have begun the development of DASH - the vertical slice. Meaning that we are stepping up the UX, game feel, graphics and audio! Every Wednesday (2 pm PST) and Saturday (10 am PST) programmer and designer Jakob is live for several hours with som either intense or (rather) relaxed game development (

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DASH is designed around the idea that a community of DASHers can both develop but also master a program which both handles level creation as well as competitions.


During the development programs like Aseprite, Photoshop and Game Maker: Studio 1.x will be used with plenty of advice and tips on the side.

FORUM RAMBI anim REC small

slapper animation no bg

gameplay 4

DASH is straight out of the prototype so if you're looking for a fresh and exciting title in development go follow, join, become a DASHer!!

gameplay 6smallshort 1

Hope to see you in the chat soon!!

Baby Duka


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