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How is it like working in remixgames. It is fun and u get lots and lots of headaches like Boomsma95 :P

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How is it like working in Remixgames. :P

Boomsma95: Lets make a first person shooter
Cdtj3: okay lets do that. let use the unity engine.
Boomsma95: Okay.

Then there was V0.04-4

Cdtj3: We need new members.
Boomsma95: Okay.Some Days Later

Stepheno3D: Hello im the new guy.

Then there was V0.06

Stepheno3D: We need some modelers.
Cdtj3: Yea

Some Days Later

Boomsma95: Where is the modeler
Cdtj3: He is gone
Stepheno3D: Atleast we have his sniper model :D

Then there was V0.07

Stepheno3D: We need better models of weapons and vehicles.
Boomsma95: Yea we do.
Stepheno3D: I know some guys.

CyberGameArts and Ilias(MrBlenderModels) joined the group

Boomsma95: Shit now i have to code a jet/humvee and a new helicopter.

1 Week Later

Boomsma95: Done so now what
CyberGameArts: I made a G36C for us.
Ilias: I made a M21 for us.
Boomsma95: O god.

Bug Testing:
Boomsma95: Lets test the game.
Cdtj3: Not now i am playing MW3/BF3.
CyberGameArts: Okay lets test.

These words where used on skype while testing and may not be suitable for little children:Fuck, U killed Me, HAHA, Drop Dead, Who is in the jet, Who is shooting me, HAAAAA, BAM, Fuck u, Dont team kill me, O damn i just killed u :P, Why is there no parachute HAAAAA Etc Etc Etc.

We at remixgames have lots of fun making this game. Like on skype we always make fun at each others or talk about how CyberGameArts en Stepheno3D love black guys like me :P. We hope u like our next version and like we say in The Netherlands Jullie zijn sukkels. just kiddin.Have Fun.

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weird but funny

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Lol, it's always nice to have a possitive team when working on a game. it sounds like you guys have a whole lot of fun, i cant wait to play this game

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