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Greetings everyone! The latest version of Warzone 2100 has been released. This version includes the original movies put back in so you can see nexus again. there is also many more changes.

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It has been a long time coming, but we are finally able to bring you a
version of Warzone 2100 that includes all the FMVs from the original

Please note, mod loading has been changed! See <!-- l -->viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3088<!-- l --> for more information.

For the windows installer, you will be asked:

Do you wish to enable support for languages other than English, French, or German?
[Default is NO]

This will have a huge performance impact on Vista, on the first run of
the program, while fontconfig builds the font cache if you answer yes.)

reason for this is, we are using a custom font for fontconfig, called
DejaVuSans.ttf. This font does not have all the characters for all
languagues. That means, if you need to use another font, then
fontconfig needs to build a font cache from the windows fonts directory
in order to have a font that works with your language. The downside to
that is, there is a huge performance impact on Vista, on the first run
of the program, while fontconfig builds the font cache.

note, that this version of Warzone will also be the last version that
supports older hardware. We do plan on having 2.2 as a LTS build
though. (Long term support--we will try our best. :3 If you know other developers, tell them to join up!)

Here is the Changelog. For a full review of everything we have done, you must check the svn logs.

2009-06-21: version 2.2.1

Besides the normal fixes, the biggest visual fix in this release is this,




2009-05-31: version 2.2


  • Fix: Tells user if mod entered on the command line / shorcut is enabled, or is invalid. Output is to stdout or stderr. (r7586)
  • Fix: Launching the game from installer now works (r7568 ticket:#364)
  • Fix:
    Angel missile no longer obsoletes long-range artillery, Ripple Rockets
    no longer autoupgrades to Archie, and Mortar Fast Loader requires
    Mortar Rapid Loader Mk3 (r7559, tickets:#533, #292, #398)
  • New: Add a new translation: zh_TW.po by chtsau (r7561, ticket:#239)
  • Change: Allow up to 36 savegame 'slots' (r7535)
  • Change: add 'mod/music' directory to be use for custom music. (r7557)
  • Fix: set the volume of the FMV based on the user's preferences (r7489, ticket:#526)
  • Fix: Check if the unit has weapons, before trying to see what weapons they have. (r7488, ticket:#523)
  • Change: remove 'autoload' handling. (r7474)
  • Fix: Fix windows crash dump output (r7473)
  • Fix: Fix handling of limbo & expand missions (r7454)
  • Change: Let players save games with Num-Enter as well as Return - should make it easier on international keyboards (r7412)
  • Change: translation of ru.po by Maxim (r7444, ticket:#347)
  • Fix: We now return the truncated string, instead of returning NULL if the string is too long. (r7426, ticket:#493)
  • Fix: pl.po file by Makary (r7423, ticket:#241)
  • New: Slovenian translation sl.po file by ThomasCarstein (r7422, ticket:#392)
  • Fix: pt_BR.po update by Tucalipe (r7421m ticket:#350)
  • Fix: Clear out old effects (prevents burning lasting between missions) (r7416)
  • Fix: Don't allow the transporter to be controlled in SP games. (r7414)
  • Fix: Remember player number and tech level for map selection screen (r7400)


  • Fix: Make AI ignore hostile structures for path-finding when armed. (r7579)
  • Fix: Allow Fog mode to be set based on user preferences for campaign games. (r7597, ticket:#561)
  • Fix: Don't allow 2x the experience points in a campaign game, when this is reserved for MP games. (r7598, ticket:#562)


  • Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map. (r7458, ticket:#333)
  • Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map drawing objects outside its scope. (r7441)
  • Change: Better map previews (patch by Florian Schanda, color scheme by Zarel). (r7434)


  • Change: Increase timeout delay to 2500ms for dial-up modem users. (r7556, ticket:#543)

2009-05-10: Version 2.2_rc1


  • New: Windows installer has option to download and install videos (enabled by default). (r7328)
  • Change: Windows installer no longer has any license agreements, since they are not EULAs. (r7328)
  • Change: Flash the intel button when we get new intel. (r7317)
  • Fix: Don't count cheated games as multiplayer wins and losses. (r7228)
  • Fix: Windows installer doesn't redownload the music mod if it's already installed. (r7328)
  • Fix: Let's not underflow a unsigned variable. (r7335)
  • Change: Remove 'grim' mod, since it is broken for 2.2 (r7385, r7386, ticket:#463)
  • Fix: NTW Mod 1.8.6b for 2.2 by Delphino (r7368, r7369)


  • New: Repair facilities will repair nearby units if they don't have anything else to do. (r7234, patch #413)
  • Change: Multi-turret units have been removed due to graphics bugs. (r7274)
  • Fix: Trucks will never, ever, ever build on burning oil resources. Ever. Not even if you're an AI. (r7340)
  • Fix: Droids with Fire-At-Will will fire upon anything within range. (r7234, patch #413)
  • Fix: Pretty much every known bug involving repair facilities have been fixed. (r7234)
  • Fix: Trucks will not help enemies build structures. (r7234, patch #413)
  • Fix: Multi-turret units will always shoot with both weapons. (r7261)
  • Fix: Target prediction works correctly again. (r7279, r7383, ticket:#374)


  • Fix:
    Interface no longer disappears for a few seconds when someone changes
    team/color/location/readiness in multiplayer staging area. (r7259)
  • Change: Add new icons for when player leaves or gets disconnected. Icons by Zarel. (r7373, ticket:#274)


  • Change: Do not use texture compression for interface textures. (r7348)
  • Change: Scale down textures used for 3D when they exceed the size specified with the textureSize option (r7347)


  • Fix
    / Change: Modify the server & client code to detect when the Host
    can't host a game, Change how 'addg' works + other enhancements (r7325)
  • Change: Use a more descriptive error message instead of the worthless SDLnet message. (r7344)

2009-05-01: Version 2.2_beta2


  • New: Add radar detector turret. It will detect and target enemy sensors up to twice their range (r6955, ticket:#340)
  • Fix: Crash when a person aborts multiplayer early then tries to start single-player (r6991)
  • Change: No longer requires the texture rectangle OpenGL extension to play video (r7022)
  • Change: F10 is now always the screenshot key (r6993)
  • Change: New config directory (r6995)


  • Add: Version checking added of connecting clients (r6992)
  • Change: Game now runs on port 2100, and lobby port is now 9990 (r6994)
  • Change: Games can now be password protected (r7078)

2009-04-01: Version 2.2_beta1


  • New: Multi-threaded path-finding should make path-finding much faster (r5735, patch #1064)
  • New: Original sound tracks added (r5261)
  • New: Playing of Ogg Theora full motion videos are now supported (r6119, ticket:#64, ticket:#46)
  • New: Fonts are now configurable (r5841, patch #1095)
  • Fix: Clean up input stream after saving a save game, to prevent it from going into chat mode.


  • Change: The skybox texture is now more easily moddable.
  • Fix: The map is now properly capped on the edges.
  • Fix: The "deity" cheat now correctly shows the area that was cheated visible.
  • Fix: The background in the loading screen no longer flickers.


  • New: Add mouse menu option.
  • New: Add ability to toggle between hardware (SDL) and software (colored) cursors, in new mouse menu option.
  • New: The radar minimap now shows the entire map, can be scaled and rotate to ease navigation (r5266, patch #969, r6410)

Commandline options:

  • New: Use --join to join into a game lobby directly from the commandline.
  • New:
    Add a --host option (to compliment the --join option), so you can
    create games via an external program. It takes you directly to the host
  • Fix: Difficulty now works when you start the campaign with the --game parameter.
  • Fix: --nosound works correctly with videos now.


  • New: Make repair facilities that are close to each other share the workload if one is overloaded and others are out of work.
  • Change: Allow VTOLs to uncover fog of war and land-move to unseen areas in distance fog mode.
  • Change: Remove limitation that VTOLs cannot pass over tall cliffs, and allow that VTOLs to fly over anything to rearm.
  • Fix: Restrict direct fire to weapons range only instead of minimum of sensor range and weapon range.


  • Fix: Allow a droid to pick a new target while auto-repairing. (ticket:#35, bug #12217)
  • Fix:
    Improve targetting AI so that it does not select bad targets, and make
    it use full weapon range instead of limited to sensor range. (ticket:#97)
  • Fix: Fix AI bug that made it build on burning oil derricks (r5883, patch #1096)


  • Fix: Only compile the translations when $(TRANSLATION) is "yes". (ticket:#130)
  • Change: Former "raw" Makefiles are now used for Windows only and thus named makefile.win32


  • New: OBJ to PIE format converter (r5774)



  • New: Support for naval propulsion type (r5803)

Download links
Warzone 2100 2.2.1 windows (moddb)
Warzone 2100 2.2.1 windows
Mac OS X Universal Binary (with videos)
Mac OS X Universal Binary (no videos)
Source code (.bz2 tarball)
Fedora AMD64 RPM (no videos)
sequences.wz (video file)


Cool. Keep up the good work.

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coolkid87 Author

yes we will thanks. You like that there is the movies now!

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Thanks for the new version. And finally the campaign movies are back. I missed them in your previous versions. :)

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Really happy that you're still making progress with this. Great job!

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