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The latest stable version of warzone 2100. There has been many changes since 2.3.1 to many to list here. This is the version you need for online play enjoy.

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The latest stable version of Warzone 2100

There has been many changes since 2.3.1 to many to list here. This is the version you will need for online play enjoy. Here is a change log detailing all the changes since the last release hosted on moddb (2.3.1)

Here is a link to the the latest warzone 2100 version for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux also if you are wondering why i didn't host the files on ModDB it seems that I no longer have proper authority to host them directly for some reason.

As always to see what games are currently being hosted online

Sneak peak at the next major warzone 2100 release 3.0


  • New: Support for 3/5/6/7 player maps
  • Change: Include custom command line parser, options now need a '=' for parameters
  • Fix: Don't crash when the LasSat fires
  • Fix: Make hover tanks hover closely above water
  • Fix: Make Super Transport faster
  • Fix: Don't activate radar detectors before being completely built
  • Fix: Don't crash between campaign missions
  • Fix: Don't allow structures to be built on water


  • New: New backdrop by Jorzi
  • New: Mouse wheel can scroll through research and build menus


  • New: Backport the new terrain renderer and team color masks for units from trunk/master (commits:lots)
  • Change: Add new terrain textures by Mangust
  • Change: Try to make cliffs more prominent
  • Change: Adjusted terrain textures
  • Fix: Skybox drawing
  • Fix: Draw missing repair turret
  • Fix: Artifacts on artifacts
  • Fix: Blip animation
  • Fix: Transport model
  • Fix: Oil derrick model/texture
  • Fix: Models for Assault Cannon, Cluster/HEAP Bomb projectiles, Plasmite Flamer, AA Flak Cannon, Sunburst AA Rocket Array


  • New improved netcode
  • Change: Add Super Transport with a capacity of 10 slots (cyborgs/small
    units 1 take slot, medium units 2 slots, heavy units 3 slots),
    prerequisite: Cyborg Transport
  • Change: Backport AI improvements from master
  • Fix: Don't send stats for players not in the game

NTW mod

  • Fix: Graphics
  • Fix: Adjust textures for 3.0


  • Update: Italian
  • Update: German
  • Update: Spanish

And some screen shots of upcoming 3.0

Warzone needs you in their ranks
Warzone project team is in a desperate need of help in pretty much everything so if you have any creative skills and would like to help get a hold of us.


Is this a stand alone, or do i need the base game to play it?

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coolkid87 Author

it is 100% free enjoy

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wow new mini rocked artillery look great

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download play

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I'm willing to help but only until we have a Maxscript for exporting models, the current exporter 3ds-2-pie leaves vectice duplicates which prevents me from making well detailed models due to its hard coded limits in poly and vetex count.

Other than that, good to hear an update in Moddb since its been a while from the last update.

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Ive loved this game since it first came out. even had it on the PS1.

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Me too..

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