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Hello Warsow!

Without further ado, here's the long-waited 1.02 bugfix release with tons of fixes. Head on to downloads to grab your update package.

Changes from 1.0 to 1.02

- Bugfix: Server browser didn't query for servers after connecting a server.
- Bugfix: Demoplayer slider didn't work if demo was opened with double click.
- Bugfix: Removed selection of weak and strong crosshair.
- Bugfix: Switching between Match browser and Local game broke 'Instagib' and 'TV' tabs.
- Bugfix: Invert mouse option wasn't at times properly reset.
- Added option for inverting mouse movement to the UI.
- Server browser now queries for LAN servers.
- Removed screen color depth option.

- Bugfix: T_TransformVectorToScreen didn't adjust fov to widescreen - fixes player name locations at top of player models.
- Bugfix: Fixed GLSL compilation errors in dynamic light shader for NVidia/Nouveau.
- Bugfix: Properly reload volatile shaders when needed (fixing shader problems in maps after map loading).
- Renderer now renders up to 4 shadowmaps in 1 pass instead of 1 per pass.
- Removed r_colorbits cvar (+ UI: Removed screen color depth option).
- Added TAB-completion for "alias", "aliasa" and "unalias" console commands.
- Compiled binaries with SSE2 compliant compile flags to restore compability with older CPU's ("Received signal 4" error).

- Bugfix: Fixed crash on login if username contained %n.
- Bugfix: Changing userinfo broke "whois" cmd and stats collection.
- Bugfix: Stats sometimes got lost, especially in duel/da due match UUID generating.

- Bugfix: After running out of ammo, player could change back to empty weapon and firing weapon with empty weapon, which would fire previous weapon with ammo, causing firing have no sound aka "EB ammo bug".
- Bugfix: TDO points didn't work in some maps.
- Bugfix: vid_restart reset cg_clienthud variable to cg_spechud.
- Bugfix: Turret firing-flash shader was missing.
- Bugfix: Automatic respawn didn't work after completing a race.
- Bugfix: Damaging dead things and world objects no longer increases damage stats.
- Bumped Lasergun damage from 6.5 to 6.75 (130 > 135dps).
- Bumped Riotgun damage from 90 to 95 per blast.
- Bumped CA ammo counts: +20 rl +5 rg +5 eb.
- Bumped Bomb ammo counts: +5 eb gl +40 lg +20 pg.
- Electrobolt now always gibs.

- New feature: maps can now include custom entities written with AngelScript.

Platform specific fixes:

- Bugfix: Removed portable profile option from windows installer. Fixes permission problems after installation with Vista/Windows 7.

- Bugfix: Toggling r_swapinterval didn't affect vsync.
- Bugfix: Fixed crash on startup with Mountain Lion.

- Bugfix: Fixed segmentation fault when changing fs_game (Linux).

- Packaged API documentation for AS was out of date.

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