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More functional laughing lion ship with a captain and some loot! new lesson in the history guild, 1000s of new flags and tons of new demigod faces

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* Added captain gerry to the laughing lion (with dialogue)
* Added ability to buy magic orb from laughing lion ship when docked
* Added first lesson of the second year of history guild
* Added knightly order group of joiners random event
* Added knightly order single joiner random event
* Added added 4416984 new flags
* Added 3 new warrior types (bladesinger/swordsinger/spearsinger)
* Added 1000s of new faction names
* Added new animal name bandit faction naming system (alongside the old system)
* Added 47029248 new demigod faces


* Added Knightly order joiner throne room encounter
* Added new throne room graphic if demonic kingdom is declared


* Fixed knightly order colour
* Fixed knightly order skip out bug
* Fixed knightly order current activity description
* Fixed dead krut and erak rebuild land sell bug
* Fixed ghoul name file bug
* Fixed ancient ancestral sword clear screen issue


* Added colour to the game load screen
* Added 5 human names
* Added 5 ent names
* Added a new joke to jesters
* Added 3 new sewer dialogues
* Added some new bits of advice to gargallock
* Added Name suffix 'the Meditative' +1 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Bannerman' +10 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Swordsinger' +44 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Spearsinger' +46 battlescore
* Added Name suffix 'the Bladesinger' +45 battlescore

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