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Two new races, tutorials, stronger bandit horde, new difficulty options and tons more!

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* Added new race 'Underlings'
* Added new game difficulty (casual) super easy
* Added 1 in 3 chance loyal to phenor blackmarket ruler will send between 10-50 troops to phenor's horde
* Added extra blackmarket menu in throne room meetings (with 5 questions you can ask each with dynamic answers)
* Added introductory tutorial with Old Croll (Credit entirely to Glen Mack)
* Added Anteater creatures to the game
* Added New Races 'Anteater men' 'Anteater folk' 'Half-Anteaters' 'Shapeshifting Anteaters 'Evolved Anteaters' and 'Were-anteater'
* Added strange statue to blackrow tavern
* Added new dialogues to the ogre in the blackrow tavern


* Added chance of getting the fake or real telescope when you arrest the artifact seller


* Fixed vassals and allies issue on diplomacy and attack screen (credit Mulatdood)
* Fixed golden telescope encounter being counted as rabble and requiring militia
* Fixed golden telescope encounter happening when you already have the artifact
* Fixed slum gold collector encounter forcing you to either donate or imprison
* Fixed sent troops blackmarket spacing
* Fixed throne room dialogue name mismatch bug


* Added new descriptions and colour variation for game difficulty
* Made easy mode easier
* Made normal mode slightly easier
* Updated default difficulty to follow easy mode
* Added no spaces explnatation to naming a save
* Goblin scepter makes all minor goblins love you (credit Mulatdood)
* Updated community page in main menu with working links
* Made golden telescope encounter have rarity level of 100
* Added 32 name suffixes (hater pack)
* Added 2 more name suffixes
* Added 3 new tavern dialogues
* Added 10 roof tiles
* Added 2 new tile sets
* Added new crown graphic
* Added two new gar'gallock advices
* Added 3 new currency generator parts (100s of new currencies)

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