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Save autoloading, new locations, special magic features and a new band that tours around!

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* Added Old Wooden Cabin to songwood
* Added semi-randomly generated mushroom trip to Songwood
* Added Blackmarket secret power place
* Added Orb to northern hall
* Added WildSkald band (appears every 5 years in the dragons kneecap tavern)
* Added new slum collector throne room encounter
* Added Demon Thunder Event


* Fixed songwood visit unexplored places bug
* Fixed Blackmarket fee charge
* Fixed Pause issue in Northern Hall


* Added Ability to destroy old wooden cabin
* Adjusted Encounter allowed in rabbleless throneroom
* Added 4 slum dialogues
* Added 5 tavern dialogues
* Added 4 new roof tiles
* Added new name suffix 'the Fairie' (+20 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'of the red tower' (+50 battlescore)
* Added new name suffix 'the Gusty-Briefs' (-3 battlescore)
* Added 6 new flag parts
* Added Pickmaster warrior type
* Added Fistlord warrior type
* Added Gatherer warrior type
* Added Nightwarrior warrior type
* Added Nightmaster warrior type

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