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Bandits can now recruit from bandit locations like the blackmarket and mercenary post just like you! also easy mode is easier and there are 113 new goblin faces

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* Added 113'953'382'400 (113 billion) new goblin faces (Was 24billion)
* Added easier laws loadout for easy mode (taxes on and forceful enlist)
* Added Old prison to blackrow
* Added Bandit Horde Hire troops from blackmarket and merc outpost
* Added Southern Ruins to the south
* Added ability for minor bandit gangs to recruit from blackmarket and mercs


* Fixed Eastern Dunelands being unaccessible
* Fixed all explore areas follow the same convention 12. 22 and 32 forward 21 and 31 back
* Fixed Slave kingdom bug (credit Xoren from
* Fixed no exit tag on uncivil groups (credit GERSillySausage)


* Added two new jokes to jesters
* Added Titans of the Footpath book to the game
* Added the rebellion book to the game
* Added second page about near north to northern travel guide
* Added premade palisades to your kingdom in easy mode
* Added 5 new blackrow tavern encounters
* Added new gargallock advice
* Added new crown
* Added 6 new tavern dialogues
* Added Lobster-folk to the game
* Added Lobster creatures to the game
* Added Baboon-folk to the game
* Added Baboon creatures to the game

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