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Now with crazier gibbering monk, new cheats, better debug mode and a new animation

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* Added the drunken monkey performance to the owned magic theatre
* Added gibbering monks unintelligible song
* Added gibbering monks clicking mouth
* Added '716' Music Lover Cheat (100 relation with music guild)
* Added '717' Music Hater Cheat (-100 relation with music guild)
* Added debug mode forced vassilation option
* Added chance of mercenary groups refusing to work for you as demon king
* Added randomised land buyer menu with 10 possible buyers (Credit KeyIsFull)
* Added ability to burn catographers guild to the ground


* Added Greenskin mining company ability to enslave throne room


* Fixed magic theatre line bug
* Fixed a knight who 'SAYS' bug
* Fixed monfort mine unable to prospect if more than 10 miners bug
* Fixed no prospecting failed text in shallowrockmine
* Fixed cartographers guild labeled as hut


* Added 5 new knight for the horde texts
* Significantly buffed number of demons overlord sends you as demonic king (20x
as many)

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