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Significantly smaller filesize, tons of bugfixes and new throne room editions

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* Compressed all warsim music files reduced warsim filesize from 161mb to 47mb
* Added Gibbering monk three forheads
* Added gibbering monk shrunken head


* Added paid advice throne room encounter
* Added two coins stuck togeather throne room encounter
* Added painted stone throne room encounter
* Added moulded dung throne room encounter
* Added starving 12 children throne room encounter
* Added family eating their dog throne room encounter
* Added dynamic witches curses (deserters, gold, rebels, bandits)
* Added knight and damsel throne room
* Added knight offers 100 gold throne room
* Added non-fighting knight throne room
* Added mini chance of coin landing on side in coin flip throne room encounter


* Fixed Goblin clan alliance bug (Credit Defender from
* Fixed duplicate line issue in blockaded music guild
* Fixed Repeated leaving sentence in demon realm (Credit Defender from
* Fixed rebel plotter throne room encounter (8x rarer now)
* Fixed road robber throne room encounter (2x rarer now)
* Fixed throw goblin out of court throne room duplicate bug
* Fixed abomination music rabble bug
* Fixed sleeping with skeletons no prisoner bug
* Fixed you the gold text bug
* Fixed disgraced 'heros' text bug
* Fixed goblin coin giver wrong action tag
* Fixed goblin coin giver text from old encounter bug


* Modified throne room child coin encounter relation odds
* Allowed void visitors to bypass rabble
* Added new suffixes 'the drizzler and the pecker'
* Added 5 new flag parts
* Added 5 new advices
* Made coin flip 1% more likely to be tails (51/49)
* Made it more likely to lose public opinion for jailing wedding man
* Made it more likely to lose public opinion for condemning wedding man
* Made coin of fate reward scale with the players (10k per land)

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