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Now featuring new kinds of bards, casulaties reported and tons of other features

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* Added Humming Musician to the bards guild
* Added ability for Aslona to appear in battle reports
* Added new cheat '444' surrounded by empires (makes all groups 10x tougher)
* Added new cheat '445' dense empires (same as 444 but lands are the same)
* Added ability to see how many slavers you have in the slaver fort (credit u/GoldfingerLickinGood)
* Added ability to see casualties in battlereports if spymaster skill is 100
* Added 3x as many kingdom names such as (kingdom of racetype) or (racetype domain)
* Added nations on new continents are 10x as powerful
* Added debug mode ability to increase and decrease a kingdoms civilisation level
* Added debug mode ability to take independent kingdoms full troop count
* Added debug mode ability to auto assassinate kingdoms ruler


* Fixed independent troop text bug
* Fixed music playing when disabled bug
* Fixed Goblin Berserkers not in troop count (credit u/GoldfingerLickinGood)


* Capped demon horde at 2500 units
* Added 6 new flag parts
* Added a new advice item
* Added new name suffix (the hummingbird)

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