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Tons of bugfixes and blackmarket scum to hire! new now

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* Added Blackmarket slums to the game
* Added ability to hire peasant scum from blackmarket slums
* Added ability for black market scum to assist you in battle


* Fixed mystery speechless bandit bug (credit u/Fury222222)
* Fixed troop despawn bug
* Fixed Music Guild Tribute text bug
* Fixed music guildmaster text white bug
* Fixed Animal fight pit kicks you out of the north
* Fixed the ORB OF CHAOS stall breaker bug
* Fixed leaving the slums tells you none can be hired bug
* Fixed Fort Gorthmek troop bug
* Fixed black market tower graphic bug


* Added 'The Bucket Knight' and 'The Bucket' suffixes (credit u/ryan055)
* Added colour to songwood compass
* Added new name 'of the blackmarket slums' & 'of the slums'
* Buffed Militia by 2 battlepoints
* Added ability to buy multiple bluetri fruit

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