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* Overhauled lizardmen faces (259x as many as before)(was 20736 faces)(now 50388480)
* Overhauled ent/treeman faces (30979x as many as before)(was 8437500)(now 261387200000)
* Added Hats for all cheat (747)
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for bandits
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for goblins
* Added 3 different prebattle graphics for rebels
* Added new cheat "101" all independent kingdoms become pacifists
* Added new mermen faces (Was 243 million) (now 1.26 billion)
* Completely remade Cyclops faces
* Added 32730614784 new cyclops faces (was 898 thousand)(now 32.7 billion)
* Added Randomly Generated Music to the game (with various lengths and speeds of music)
* Added Two kinds of Randomly Generated Guitarist (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Goblin Drummer (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Orcish Grunter (with animation)
* Added Randomly Generated Vampyric Guitarist (with animation)
* Added The Magnificent Wulf Thorenson to the Black Market
* Added Game breakingly long song to Wulf Thorenson in upgraded black market
* Added Randomly Generated Gnome Whistler (with animation)
* Added Rare throne room encounter Abomination Musician (with animation)


* Fixed restarting sound bug
* Fixed no colour for 4 demon totems when destroyed


* Added special Tale of Demons singer throne room encounter
* Added Throne room musicians who charge a fee
* Added execution bribe dynamic encounter (credit u/YetiRoadburger)
* Added Cave treasure throne room encounter


* Added The Tale of Demons Lyrics to the Library
* Added 2 new hats to the game
* Added Encounter Selector to Debug Menu (allows you to choose throne room encounters)
* Added prebattle text to bandit and goblins
* Added colour to the sourthern compass
* Added Drylands description
* Added Oasis description
* Added Southern coast description
* Added goblin kingdoms love you when you buy the sceptre of the goblin god

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