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There are now tons more vampire faces as well as a new special feature in the extras menu that allows for completely monstrous faces to be made

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* MASSIVE VAMPIRE FACE OVERHAUL (2565x as many faces as before!) (was 190'080 faces now 487'555'200!)
* Added over 4 million new elven faces (4'384'800)
* Added Random Face generator (creates monstrosities with 6'086'012'052'314'203'966'656 total possibilities!!!) 6 sextillion!
* Added 15 lines of recorded dialogue for the demonic overlord in the demon realm


* Fixed my the text bug


* Added stray demon throne room encounter
* Added peasant wants soldier to help defend his farm (credit u/muramas)
* Added random outcome bandit raid encounter
* Added old man wants to see you before he dies (credit u/PJvG)


* Updated dialogue for who made you demonic
* Coloured old northern carving
* Added 12 new roof tiles

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