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Now with the ability to rule as a demon overlord with demonic support

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* Added Public order limit on pay rise encounter
* Added lower public order means less throne room visitors (dynamic)
* Fixed goblin scourge law not working
* Made goblin slaves stack each turn
* Added a max level to amount of goblin slaves that can be had
* Added ability to free the mad king
* Fixed gameover screen
* Added Songmakers hut to Songwood in the west
* Added 2 New name suffixes
* Added 8 New building tiles
* Added 2 new flag parts
* Added demonic band encounter
* Blocked anti-demon assistance if you are the demon king
* Added ability to be a demon king
* Added ability to build demonic totems
* Added demon overlord support
* Added demon overlord summoning
* Added council giving demon support
* Added law ability to declare yourself the demon king

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