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Now with the ability to be crowned as king and start the game as a king with various different motives, be it the son of a mad king, a bandit warlord or a even a man who won the kingdom through a bet

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Todays update features more restrictions on throne room encounters, you wont have people flock to join you if you are evil, Also as the game starts you can do the crowning ceremony which gives one of five random possible starts to the game, are you the son of a mad king, or are you a bandit warlord? each start has it's own differences. I've also added some new exploratonal changes to the watchtower, bluetrii farm and the tower of histories as well as tons of fixes and a special law called Alms for the poor which increases public opinion every turn and stops those pesky 'spare some gold for food' encounters


* Updated all throne room encounters to be restricted based on public opinion
* Added Crowning ceremony to the game
* Added Chance to start the game as a bandit usurper
* Added chance to start the game as son of a mad king
* Added chance to start the game as gambling king
* Added Ability to ask watchtower if they've seen anything (with 12 responses)
* Added Ability to destroy the watchtower
* Added ability to attack Bluetrii farm
* Added Orb random explore event
* Added Dance of the Changeling
* Added Alms for the poor law which increases public opinion and stops encounters from starving and poor people
* Added History of the West to the tower of histories
* Added History of the Midlands to the tower of histories
* Added History of the Ancient Lands to the tower of histories


* Fixed normal mode roof spacing
* Fixed courtroom advice text spacing
* Fixed text of named chicken encounter
* Fixed courtroom joke text spacing
* Fixed tower of histories souther land text bug
* Fixed eastern ruins showing as southern ruins tower of histories text bug
* Fixed tribal goblin cheif throne room text bug


* Added Bad Public opinion bandits in court
* Added Bad Public opinion bandits for hire
* Added no boy coin if bad public opinion
* Added knight passing through only if public opinion is 50 or higher
* Buffed chance of passing knight joining you
* Added Assassin throne room encounter (credit u/PJvG)
* Added Tyranny confronatation throne room encounter


* Added not yet coded tag to darkdale
* Added Colour to the watchtower
* Added Colour to the Gift Tree
* Added colour to mercenary leader faces
* Added colour to all intro screens
* Updated the Bluetrii farm graphic
* Added new description for Bluetrii farm
* Updated changling texts
* Added Slave revolt general advice text
* Updated 10 advice texts to be more advisory and less gossipy
* Added Bandit theivery advice text
* Added Demon gate advice text
* Added mixed approach advice text
* Added black market ownership advice text
* Added united near north advice text
* Made hag encounter rare
* Added General face to attacks
* Added spymaster dialogue to spymaster reports before battle
* Added something that shows how much a small coffer of gold is when given

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