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Hats, Abominations and Kingdom collapses... Warsim

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Hey guys, todays update has been slow cause I've been insanely busy with things at the moment and have been doing a ton of overtime at work, I have added a few cool things this time around, hats which rarely appear on human heads, a more interesting ending chance for some kingdoms instead of a just a final battle and a new race that was suggested a while back which is essentially slime people, that aside I've fixed a few bugs, made easy mode a little easier and added a few new throne room encounters

Lots more planned to come as well so stay tuned!


* Added four hidden hats that have a 1 in 200 chance of appearing on a human head
* Added ability for good independent kingdoms to surrender on last land
* Added ability for evil independent kingdoms to destroy their last land
* Added Abominations race (credit u/reddish_kangaroo)


* Fixed game master spacing
* Fixed blood cheif text bug (credit u/sirmokmk2)
* Fixed arena subsidy loophole (credit Gorglomux)
* Fixed extra variable unable to load game bug
* Fixed Greenskin mass suicide bug (credit Nookrium)


* Added child changling wizard throne room encounter
* Added lone mercenary throne room encounter
* Added Small debt soldier throne room encounter
* Added Fee serving soldier throne room encounter
* Added rumour spreading soldier throne room encounter


* Added 4 new name suffixes
* Added 5 new crowns
* Added 28 Abomination Names
* Added Abomination Face Generator (36288000 faces)
* Buffed Easy Mode Starting Advantages
* Changed intro screens for choosing game mode
* Rework race selection graphic



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