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Not the longest list of things on the changelog today, but definitely a game changing update, today the Militia is now a full faction, and flags have been reworked to be a little bit more dynamic! Also Warsim has just surpassed 100'000 lines of code, it's getting huge!

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The Militia are now a living faction, they will get involved with the defense of Aslona, meaning there may be some strategy to not hiring them and leaving them to assist you, there is also a new dynamic flag system, several new names, goblin tribes all have flags

I fixed the game telling you it costs 2500 to buy a land when there are no lands available to buy from an independent kingdom

There was a problem where prospecting in shallowrock didn't reveal anything but you got not text telling you that, I fixed that too

Xenophobia is now a 1 in 7 chance instead of a 1 in 6 because its annoying

the militia unit price varies now instead of being 20 gold to buy a peasant it could be 10 or 30 or anywhere in between those

Also the starting numbers arent fixed and have been halved so instead of always have 1000 militia on easy mode, you have 500 max and 0 min

also each turn instead of getting (your territory * 20 troops) you now get a random number between that and 0 new militia, overall this makes militia a lot more dynamic but there is much more to come


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