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The latest version of warsim, now with refugees and noble lords!

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As most of you know every 10 updates tends to be a big one, Todays update is no different, probably one of the biggest updates I've done for the game, this update has added two new face generators for gnolls and witches, courtesy of u/voliol and u/runelfox, also each independent kingdom now has it's own lords, one for each land that isn't their capital, also destroyed kingdoms can produce refugees, also added some new mermen faces, fixed a big crash bug, added some new cheats, and generally moved the game further in the right direction! hope you guys love it!

* Added Independent lords to the game, they can be viewed in the independent kingom screen, each kingdom has a lord for every land that isnt their capital and new lords will be assigned if the kingdom gains new lands, the lords are currently just aesthetic but there are big things coming up!
* Added refugees to the game, when a kingdom is destroyed 1 in 3 chance refugees will survive and form a refugee camp which will be visible in the diplomacy screen, they will have a new leader and only peasant unit troops, you can destroy them, hire them or even provide them with one of your lands and allow them to be re-established which will earn you a 100 relation with them
* Added new cheat (801) Scarcelands
* Added another hidden debug cheat :)
* Edited diplomacy screen spacing
* Edited diplomacy screen minor bandits and minor goblins text
* Added 17 million mermen faces
* Added ability to ask general to show race type instead of kingdom name in combat screen
* Added animal generator to generators page
* Updated the games credits
* Modified main menu
* Added fullscreen option to the options on the main menu
* Fixed golem face generator using the wrong colour
* Added gnoll faces to the game (109'212'364'800 total)
* Added gnoll face generator to generators screen
* Added RuneLFox concept art page to concept art screen
* Fixed bandit land crash bug
* Fixed hiring staff no exit from hire screen
* Added Witches faces to the game (16'986'931'200 total)
* Added Witch face generator to the generators screen
* Added Voliol concept art page to concept art screen

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