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Some big updates to the independent kingdoms this time

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Some big updates to the independent kingdoms this time, when a kingdom is destroyed you can visit them in the diplomacy screen to see a little obituary, also you can now hire troops from neutral or allied independent kingdoms (the limit being that the units combined battlescore is greater than 2500 so if there were demons with battlescores of 500, you could hire them down to their last 10 but no more) aside from that there is a new tab in the independent kingdoms screen called battle logs which shows who they've attacked over the years! sorry for the delay in the update started a new job recently and had a lot of stuff going on in the mean time

* Added ability to hire troops from independent kingdoms!
* Fixed vassal tribute screen showing wrong percentage always fixed on 20%
* Added dead independent kingdoms can now be visited to view their obituary
* Added battle logs to indepednent kingdoms screen so you can see who attacked who
* Buffed krut recruitment +1 berserker +1 tribal
* Buffed erak recruitment +3 tribals
* Buffed krut income from around 30 gold per turn to 130
* Buffed Erak income from around 30 gold per turn to 140
* Fixed bug where bandits tribals berserkers and demons wouldn't defend aslonan lands unless they were a certain quantity of them
* Fixed levy aslona troops option only available at 0 relationship
* Fixed no deduction of 150k when you upgrade the black market

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