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W.A.R.R.C. II new multiplayer oriented version release notes and changelog.

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The main changes are oriented in two directions and one purpose - better multiplayer experience:

- Build time reduction, or research time reduction for technologies, speeds up multiplayer
Multiplayer sessions tend to last 4-6 hours. Research time of 40 minuts or build time of 30 minuts are purely impossible to stand for a human that has to go work tomorow =)

- Upkeep(running costs) increase makes spamming various unit production/research buildings harder, as a much stronger economy is required than pre-patch. Specially concerns energy.

Major changes:

• Upkeep rework for most units (Upkeep difference between cargo/war ships made bigger/other aspects)
• All units build time reajusted (better multiplayer/general balance)
• Research time reduced by 2 or 3 times for all available researches (better multuplayer)
• Research running buildings costs greatly increased (balancing research time reduction)
• Aircraft refueling time decreased (better multiplayer/aircraft carriers efficiency)

Minor changes:

• Bombardment ability rebalanced (damage decreased, AOE increased)
• Aircraft rebalanced (HP decreased, lowered upkeep, Takeoverplane rebalanced + animation changed)
• Aircraft carriers carried amount of kerosene increased
• Airport economical balance redone
• Droneport economical balance redone
• Trade Airport economical balance redone
• Nuclear submarine missile damage increased (near x2), AOE increased
• Nuclear land based missile AOE increased
• Minor price rework for several units
• Transport capacity of smaller warships reduced
• Rebalance of the 3 Tycoon container ships (more difference between them)
• Coal energy polution increased greatly
• Fishery energy usage 1>2
• Medium warships damage adjusted to increase specialization
• Static defences upkeep reduced

• Other even more minor changes
- Shark AA/ship damage increase
- Hover manoeuvrability AA damage increase + price tweak
- Colossus +100 durability
- Bomber attack animation tweak
- Flight Height reduction for Bomber + Hawk(Takeover_plane)
- Erebos nuclear submarine bugfix
- Aircraft Carriers (Eco+Bigone) repair rate and range tweaks


This mod is looking promising, I really hope any experiments with ground combat are successful, I've wanted it for a long time.

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Mr.Yar Author

Thank you

It need a lot of work/calibration/balancing.

Still working on it slowly.

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