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Warpaint receives a huge update! New A.I, Maps, Water, Networked Painting, and Languages.

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Warpaint receives a huge update today!

New A.I, Maps, Water, Networked Painting, and Languages.

Unity 2017 03 26 00 29 47

The AI has is a lot smarter now. It will form escort squads to move catapults around. It won't try to shoot through walls. It's now a challenge to assult the AI's castle, it's got new defensive tactics. It can also create it's own objectives, such as targeting your throne or capturing your catapults. I also gave it beleivable catapult shots, so it won't shoot perfectly anymore. Be careful though, that means it will get lucky double kills!

There are 4 new maps:


sinehills 1

Designed to be the introduction map, it's simple, small, highly competitive, and has lots of cover. It features a central tower with a neutral catapult, surrounded by an inaccessible lake.


vikings 1

Open combat, on a deserted and sandy island-fort. There's no where to hide on this map, so make sure you get some double kills. Take the center catapult for both a catapult and a height advantage. This screenshot was taken with an orthographic perspective because it's pretty :3


Unity 2017 03 24 19 01 36

No neutral catapults on this map. Battle for control of the slightly elevated cover in the ruins of a castle wall. Larger army size, perfect for competitive play.


2017 03 27 16 51 41

This map is designed for maximum epic. It features 5 catapults per team, back by huge armies. The attacking force is split into two squads, one assulting the broken castle wall, and the other rushing the gates. This one will take you about an hour to play through. Built for advanced players. Inspired by the TV show 'Vikings' and their assult of Paris.



Many of these maps now have water, and the water has silly water physics. Shoot a dude into the water and watch him flop around!


Networked Painting
Your enemies will now automatically see any of your painted figures. Enjoy!

The game has been translated into:
- German
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Chinese
- French
- Swedish
- Russian

So with any luck, ranked matchmaking will be lively again!

Also, I've packaged the soundtrack as DLC. Please purchase this to support me and the other devs!

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