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This article demonstrates the credibility of html files, and warns others based on the possible harm they can cause if misused.

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Warning: HTML Files, 11/16/2021

JangoXIII Christmas

by: Clockwork

Alright, so recently in the discord I saw someone post html files and left. Perfectly fine. Except that the intention of the individual has no interest in probably playing UA, any interest in me or others, or generally sticking around to even say 'hi'. I 'speculate' it was to cause discord in the literal sense and post blame on individuals. I am a reasonable guy for the most part, he can be angry all he wants, but my biggest problem was the format used to distribute information. He posted two files, that were .html files; which for those who do not know is used for coding web pages.

My warning is this, do NOT think that .html files are the end all of provable evidence just because they look nice when they are opened. These files are extremely volatile and are susceptible to change on a whim, I have an example from the .html files posted by the individual which I thereby edited:


code before

cap before

this is the ^original text (as far as I know) <before editing>


code after

cap after

^I highly doubt that Cylarne knew who I was in Apr <after editing>

In fact everything about an html document like this is editable including the time:

Capture 11

The internet is a dangerous place, and for those uninformed this can cause serious damage if viewed as irrefutable proof of something. I said my piece, and this topic isn't about these html files in specific, but as a warning for the general public and for my good conscience DO NOT USE HTML FILES AS EVIDENCE. It is one of the worst formats to be used as evidence. Be safe on the internet.



Huh, what's the context of this discord spat even?

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