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After a small break upon Warmods completion, we've come back and comepletly overhauled everything. Hope you like it.

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After a small break upon completing Warmod 1.0, We all sat around and really looked at our creating. Yeah it was fun for the initiated, and yeah it was our baby, built from the ground up with love and a whole hellova lot of work, it wasn't what we wanted. And so the process of overhauling Warmod began. First we looked at providing players with information, and making things more simple, 'cause a lot of you were looking Warmod over because it was just to confusing. We think we've fixed that, simplifying the base building process and providing players with tool tips and gameplay hints. The other problem we found was that Warmod was increadibly imbalanced. I personaly spent time analysing gameplay and weapon balance. This resulting overhaul completely replaces all of Warmods weaponry, designed from the ground up to be balanced and satisfying. To acompany these weapons, we expanded upon the perk concept and replaced with with a pseudo class system that rewards players for kills with bigger and better bonuses. We hope that these changes will do Warmod justice.

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