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Starpoint Gemini Warlords enters beta phase with the latest update, bringing along with it a lot of new features, both of our own design and requested by the community, all in preparation for the final launch on May 23rd.

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SGWarlords Announcement

Greetings captains,

As the title implies, with this update, we're officially entering the beta stage. All the major features are implemented and what we'll be focusing on from this point onward are balancing, tweaks and fixes. This is all leading up to leaving Early Access which is planned for May 23rd.

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Here's a little snippet of what you can expect with today's update:

Friendly neighborhood warmasters

Several warmasters are now ready and eager to join your ranks. Over time, they gain levels just as you do and even switch to more powerful ships.

Skills and classes overhauled, per community request

All the skills are now unlocked and ready to be unleashed on the enemy. During a respect, you can shuffle your skill-set in any way you like.

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Music to my ears

The completely new soundtrack, made specifically for Warlords is now finally implemented.

Raiding glory

Additional gameplay mechanics allows meaningful raiding of enemy structures.

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Conquest rewarding to the max

Capturing stations and planets yields extra rewards, one of which is the ability to construct ships in multiple locations, as the community requested.


As we've announced in earlier updates, we were forced to do a save wipe. Saves made in previous versions no longer work! We had hoped we could make a soft reset to keep some of the data persist, but we've encountered numerous issues and a decision was made to start from a clean slate to ensure no ghost problems would persist. We apologize for this, but it was necessary.

As always, the entire change-log can be found below.

We've added quite a bit of new features and issues can be expected. Please keep us in the loop and let us know what problems you encounter so we can fix 'em up as soon as possible.

Safe travels and good hunting, captains!

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BETA Update v0.900 change-log


  • Cloak can no longer be activated via shortcut while docked.
  • Scavenging derelicts with the Scavenger swarm now looks as planned. The derelict no longer simply disappears.
  • Fixed a problem with the beam weapon sounds not shutting down when an NPC stops firing.
  • In some cases, heavy weapons would constantly miss structures, as in a stationary target. This no longer happens.
  • Sometimes a heavy weapon would start circling around the target if it missed it. It no longer does this.
  • Fixed an error that made fleet tooltips display wrong.
  • Fleet ships now regenerate shields properly.
  • Fixed multiple issues related to playing sounds (multiple instances of the same sound playing, volume too high...)
  • You can no longer have both the (unpaused) context menu and the dialogue panel open at the same time.
  • Heavy weapon blast of your own heavy weapons no longer damages you, making heavy weapons more usable in general.
  • Fixed the Cruiser Familiarity perk.
  • In some cases, finishing a gladiatrix match, broke the camera. No longer.
  • Several voice notifications regarding port and starboard shields being damaged were switched and played at the wrong time.
  • In some cases, asteroid meshes were being drawn over the tactical overlay. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with weekly resourec gain being displayed wrong.
  • A mesh from Concordia no longer appears on the opposite side of the game world for no apparent reason.
  • You can no longer fire heavy weapons on holographic structures.
  • You no longer have both the Proxima Shipyard and the Proxima as selectable on the Starchart.
  • Until now, when you conquered a planet, the defense fleet of that planet would stand idly near the planet, apparently weeping at their loss.
  • In some cases, you couldn't finish a Freelance job because the mission target, on which you had to use the transport action was biometrically shielded.
  • Fixed an error where long texts in the Personal records panel were cut off and didn't display entirely.
  • While using a gamepad, going for saving a new game and then canceling, broke the UI and hid controller hints. This now works as intended.
  • Boarding/capturing now works on Hunt freelance job ships as planned.
  • Fixed several errors with encounters not working properly.
  • Music no longer stays quiet(er) when a dialogue ends.
  • In some cases, damaged ships would display VFX of that damage quite a distance away from the model itself.
  • Fixed several errors related to ship customization, especially when more ships were involved.
  • Docking while scanning no longer breaks the scan VFX.
  • Fixed an error with fighters not being loaded up properly that manifested in structures swithing faction alignment. Totally makes sense, no?
  • Fixed a problem where you could get stuck in the Prologue if you constructed the mining operation before you were meant to.
  • Fixed several issues with GUI elements not positioning properly on higher resolutions.
  • When attacking a garrison, capturing the last remaining enemy ship spawned another enemy ship in its place. This doesn't happen anymore.
  • When placing waypoint paths for your fleet to follow, T-Gates would be named Wormholes. This is now fixed and is displayed properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the scan VFX if you saved and loaded the game mid-scan.
  • Fog interfered with decal rendering on ships. This is now fixed.
  • Target Next / Previous enemy object now works as intended.
  • You can no longer skip a perk/research prerequisite while using a gamepad.
  • There was a problem hitting newly spawned derelicts, while they are still glowing hot.
  • In some instances you could shutdown T-Drive partially, where parts of the VFX would remain hanging.
  • Fixed several graphical glitches related to forcefields and windows.
  • Various scripting fixes and tweaks


  • Overhauled class/skill system. Hybrid-classing as requested.
    • All character classes are now fully functional and you can choose among them when creating your character.
    • You can go for a full respec at any time by hailing the Phaehana Gladiatrix Quartermaster.
    • Respec allows you to shuffle your skill-set freely, not just through predefined classes.
    • Respec comes with a Credit cost, unless you're the Gladiatrix arena winner. Then it's a freebie.
  • Concord warmasters are up and about.
    • Warmasters of your own are finally willing and eager to go into combat with or for you.
    • They are handled in the same way as any other fleet ship, but with several key differences.
    • Warmasters are acquired in different ways. One (Tara Higgs) is available basically from the start, but others will take some time and effort.
    • Warmasters progress through experience levels, just as you do and improve their skills and even switch to more powerful ships.
    • They gain experience both when fighting with you or on their own.
    • Warmasters cannot die. They can get their ship blown up though. If that happens, check the Shipbuilding screen and commission them a new ship.
  • Target lock redesign
    • As requested, the quick info is now constantly displayed on-screen.
    • Target lock on the object itself is now redesigned since it is no longer necessary to show all info there.
  • Numerous changes done to the Starchart
    • Region names are now displayed on the Starchart
    • Changed the fog-of-war algorithm to make the edges blured
    • Numerous object markers now have updated graphics
    • Some objects are marked even when they are covered with the fog-of-war (relay satellites)
    • Redesigned the maximum zoom-out level
  • Structure raids for extra benefits
    • You can raid any structure to get something out of it. The reward depends on what type of structure it is.
    • Raiding a structure usually involves boarding it.
    • You have to take a bit of a breather before you can raid the same structure again.
    • Relay satellite
      • Hack hostile satellites to reveal surrounding area.
      • Hacking takes time during which you have to remain in the area and fight off security ships.
      • To speed up hacking, improve the Hacking perks.
      • Link up with non-hostile satellites to reveal the surrounding area.
    • Research outpost
      • Board the outpost and if successful, you'll get some equipment by pillaging the structure.
    • Mining operation
      • Successfully boarding and pillaging the structure gives you short-term ore income and maybe a few borehole torpedoes
    • Gas collector
      • Successfully boarding and pillaging the structure gives you short-term gas income and maybe a few of those Collector equipment
    • Reclaimer
      • Successfully boarding and pillaging the structure gives you short-term materials income and maybe a few of pieces of the Scavenger swarm equipment
    • Prison
      • Successfully pillaging grants you a war fleet of prisoner ships
    • Orphiel, Nyarhi, Xocarro and Edea all grant their own respective bonuses.
  • Time for some diplomacy.
    • You can initiate diplomatic conversations with factions via the Reputation screen. Just hail the ambassador.
    • Alternatively, hail a planet or station controlled by that faction.
    • You can declare war to a faction you're not already on hostile terms with.
    • You can attempt to sign a peace treaty with factions you're at war with.
    • After a war starts, you cannot sign a peace treaty right away. The faction will not be interested.
    • Signing peace can be accompanied by a tribute cost, either for you or for the AI faction.
  • Sign up for some trade deals.
    • Use the same diplomatic conversation to broker trade deals (with some limitations).
    • Only one active trade deal per faction is possible.
    • Trade deals require you to construct the Trade module on your HQ.
    • The maximum number of simultaneous trade deals is limited by your Trade module on the HQ.
    • Added markers to the Reputation screen to show the number of current/available trade deal slots.
    • Added markers to the faction list in the Reputation screen to show if you have an ongoing or potential deal with a faction.
  • Do some work for the factions.
    • Some factions are interested in you doing some work for them.
    • Talk to the faction ambassadors to start the quests.
  • Geminipedia unlocked and ready
    • Exploring Gemini and generally doing stuff will unlock individual entries.
    • Some of your warmasters are interested in your growing collection of Geminipedia entries. Talk to them to see what you can get out of it.
    • Geminipedia is linked to your profile, NOT your save file, meaning entries persist across saves and new game starts.
    • Tutorial entries are available from the beginning. Browse through the Tutorials listing to learn more about mastering the game.
  • Sell commodities in space.
    • If you like mining or collecting gas from pockets, try hailing the nearby mining operations, gas collectors and reclaimers and see what they're willing to offer you for it.
    • Only the commodities you currently have in your cargo hold are taken into account.
  • Wormholes are now fully functional
    • Wormholes are now properly unstable and you can mis-jump using them.
    • Scanning a wormhole gives you the proper info on destination and stability.
  • Replaced the game launcher with a new version dependant and more in-sync with our own game engine.
  • Large salvageable derelicts can now be found in space. They're very rare, but come with a high value.
  • Custom-tailored soundtrack implemented.
  • Added new civilian tasks
    • Trade - You can trade with neighboring stations. The offer in question depends on what type of a station is in question.
      • Industrial stations offer materials.
      • Research stations offer gas.
      • Mining and processing stations offer ore.
      • Military stations offer fleet ships.
      • Trade stations can offer almost anything, but since they are resellers, they take a bigger cut.
  • If a structure under your control is raided, a Structure repair task is created. Send your civilian fleets to get the structure back into operational status.
  • Repair T-Gate - you can finally repair malfunctioning gates.
  • Updated nebula ambients.
  • Changed some asteroid models. Further work remains.
  • Additional hangar visuals implemented.
  • Volumetric fog shadows are now implemented
    • Change the quality setting through the Launcher->Settings window
  • You can now encounter "special" gas pockets that drop more loot or more expensive loot.
  • Added new loading screen hints.
  • Added info panels on all (almost all) objects. Open the Info panel via the context menu.
  • Scripts are now compressed and packed up into a package to speed up loading and improve game performance.
  • Changed how station script events are handled to improve framerate, reduce memory usage and increase overall game stability.
  • You're now properly informed when a research is completed and what other techs this unlocked for future research.
  • Garrisons and stations now have the Approximate power displayed.
  • Faction power is now calculated and displayed on the Reputation screen.
  • Mission objects that need to be destroyed are now marked with a completely new task marker.
  • Added Unmount all button to the drydock.
  • When boarding and Endurance is reduced to 0, meaning your only option is to Retreat, auto-retreat now activates with a 5-second delay.
  • An additional New Game ++ is now included.
    • Start the game at a more progressed stage.


  • Cloak field ship system is removed (don't freak out!)
    • Cloak as an ability of specific ships is removed
    • Cloak as a skill is added. And since you can shuffle your skill-set, you can now have cloak with any ship you want.
  • Increased base sensor radius
  • Starchart hints while playing with the gamepad are now displayed as intended.
  • Scavenger swarm equipments can now be used on multiple derelicts at the same time.
  • Declaring war to a faction that owns the station you're currently docked on gets you evicted from the station automatically.
  • Repositioned enemy on-screen markers so they can't get hidden behind the battle progress bar.
  • Defense platforms now have tweaked weapon firing arcs, making it possible for them to shoot at targets that are very close to them.
  • Improved Fire at will so it ignores non-mission objects, while on missions.
  • Tweaked the Battle info panel on the Starchart to display more information.
  • Vanguard skill Shockwave is renamed to Overload.
  • Boarding Angel 1 & Boarding Angel 2 perks now include proper descriptions.
  • Changes and tweaks in the Planetary assault
    • Slight rework done
    • Proxima now uses its own light and heavy weapons
  • Done some changes to individual Perks and the Perk system
    • Removed some Perks entirely as they became obsolete with newly implemented mechanics.
    • Diplomacy Perks now influence (diplomatic) Trade deals
    • Tactical appraisal is now fully functional
    • Free mason affects only the HQ
  • Several changes done to research techs.
    • Improved construction rig removed as it became obsolete with newly implemented mechanics.
  • Improved the auto-pilot so it doesn't slam into planets when using larger ships.
  • Various balancing changes.
  • Reworked grapple effect on the captured ship.
  • Tweaked boarding to give more bonus for ship class, but less per perk.
  • Fixed Enhancement effects related to boarding, they now apply their bonuses properly.
  • Boarding improvements and description changes related to boarding.
  • Fighters stats and enhancements updated (preparation for the upcoming fighters AI rework)
  • Research weapons prices updated.
  • Cargohold tweaked on lower tier classes.
  • Cargo drops updated(when destroying or salvaging ships).
  • As we are in beta now Concordia no longer sells ships from all around and you have to explore to get them.


  • Added numerous script functions to the Scripterion.

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Very nice update! Looking forward to the full version :)

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